Tailgater of the Week: Auburn vs. LSU

The tailgaters of the week create a tailgate that is full of music, families, drinks, and food.. This tailgate is made up of six families, which makes for a lot of food, people and an all around great atmosphere.  Katherine Durham, the daughter of Lee and Cindy Durham and a senior at Auburn, has not missed a tailgate yet and always brings a group of close friends to the tailgate to have a good time.


How long have you tailgated at this spot?

Katherine Durham: This is our first year getting a tailgate on the green space and hopefully not our last.


Why did you choose this spot?

Katherine Durham: We wanted to be in the main area with everyone on the green space. One of the best things about our tailgate is the location because we are right in the midst of all the tailgaters and always have large group of friends and family show up.


Are you students, alumni or just fans?

Katherine Durham: We are students and fans; the tailgate is made up of six families along with their kids that attend auburn.


How many AU games to you attend each year?

Katherine Durham: We try to make it to almost every game.


What is your favorite Auburn football memory?

Katherine Durham: The Iron Bowl, nothing will ever be able to beat that experience.


What are your go-to tailgate food and/or drink?

Katherine Durham: Our go-to tailgate food is definitely Jim ‘N Nick’s, we get this catered almost every game. It is the perfect tailgate and comfort food for a long day.


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