A PR Plan to Ensure a Memorable Spring Break

11188432_10207163858485544_3652621950234956786_nAlthough Spring Break is mostly said with a negative or “wild” connotation, it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends and forget about the stresses of school. Considering I am a senior, I am hoping this will be the best and most memorable Spring Break yet. First, lets take a look at my previous Spring Break adventures and determine how successful they were.

Freshmen year my friends and I traveled to Destin, along with the rest of the SEC. So far, this has been the best Spring Break. Being with a large group of people, staying in houses that should not have been rented to us, and being a two minute walk to the beach made this Spring Break one for the books.

Sophomore year, my friends and I traveled to the Bahamas. There was a group of 30 of us and I could not have been more excited to get out of the country. Although the water was beautiful and weather was warm, the trip seemed to fall flat. We didn’t plan for excursions and staying at the resort all day and night got old.11096711_10206506683056569_8728999055385047261_n

By junior year I was over it. I was homesick and wanted to catch up on some sleep. The idea of the whole “Spring Break” thing did not seem appealing. My best friend and I went to the beach by my house and relaxed with my parents all break. It was exactly what I needed.

Last but not hopefully not least, it’s my senior year Spring Break. This year my friends and I are flying to Cancun. To ensure this is the best spring break of them all I have come up with a goal, objectives, strategies and tactics.


To have a relaxing yet fulfilling spring break with my friends and have zero worries.

Objective 1: To not think about the future, but enjoy living in the moment

Strategies and Tactics for Objective 1: Second semester senioritis is real and I have it. I don’t have time to think about school when I am trying to find a job and plan for the future! I am a worrier. It’s who I am. For me to meet this objective I plan to keep my phone in the hotel room at all times. I will trade having my phone in my hand to having a margarita in my hand instead.

Objective 2: Spend time with my friends

Strategies and Tactics for Objective 2: The truth of the matter is, this could be the last time my group of friends and I all get to do a vacation like this again. This isn’t just Spring Break. This is a chance to spend time with each other outside of Auburn. I know I will accomplish this goal because we will plan to spend time together by the pool and enjoy dinner together every night.

After spring break I will take a look back at my trip and evaluate if it was successful. I will ask myself, “Did I think about school, or the future?” “Do I have funny videos and pictures on my camera roll of my friends?” “Do I need a vacation from this vacation?” and last but not least, “Did I create amazing memories with my friends?”



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